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San Antonio now has a virtual currency bitcoin ATM network
San Antonio Business Journal
All of the ATMs are manufactured by Genesis Coin, which has the capability to insert and spit out cash, but the network is in the early stages and currently only the purchase of bitcoin is supported at the San Antonio ATMs. More functionality is ...

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Baptist Standard

Commentary: In praise of 'old school' discipleship
Baptist Standard
The machines relied on analog technology that guided the money down a path that measured and evaluated each coin. The customer could hear the clunking and sliding sounds as the coin descended through this process, and there was no small amount of ...

Macau Daily Times

Macau Matters | Coin Concerns
Macau Daily Times
I have always been very annoyed by this practice, which is very easily resolved by requiring banks to always accept and distribute all values of legal currency as part of their licensing. Shame on the local monetary authorities for not enforcing such ...

The Consumerist

Coinstar Says That You Have $68 In Spare Change; Should Throw It ...
The Consumerist
How much spare change is sitting around your house, taking up space between couch cushions or sitting in a drawer? Coinstar, the company that brings you ...
Coinstar says you have $68 in spare changeWGNO

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Opinion: How Zimbabwe's 'bad' bond notes are driving out 'good' US dollars
Bad money drives out good, according to Gresham's Law, dating from 16th century England. Sir Thomas Gresham, money manager for Queen Elizabeth I, argued that, if two coins with the same nominal face value simultaneously circulate, the one with the most ...

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Liberty Vindicator

Two wanted for burglary of coin-operated machines - The Vindicator ...
Liberty Vindicator
This image from the Hardin Valero station security camera shows the two suspects wanted by the Liberty County Sheriff's Office for the burglary of a ...
2 men sought in theft of money from Valero machine - Click2HoustonKPRC Houston

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Chain Reveals 'Ivy' Smart Contract Language in First Public Demo
Compiled to the Chain Virtual Machine (its stack machine that translates the code and performs operations), Ivy is described on its website as a declarative language in that its control-flow isn't specified, compared to ethereum's Solidity language ...

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